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It was an easy decision for 52 Degrees North to get behind ANDYSMANCLUB with their own personal experiences of suicide highlighting and reinforcing the incredible work that ANDYSMANCLUB do and the steadfast support they provide.
To quote Skipper Darren, “I recently attended one of the group sessions in Abergavenny and was genuinely amazed with the peer-to-peer support on offer. It's a safe, non-judgemental, non-clinical space where men are given the opportunity to talk, if they so wish. I went to the meeting to observe what was on offer.

I wanted to understand if it aligned with what we were looking for as a team. As it turned out, I joined in with the session and instantly knew AMC were the charity for us. I left that session with an unbelievable feeling of hope for those in need. We just need to let them know it's available.”
In the spirit of 52 Degrees North, please go just a little further and help us spread the word that ANDYSMANCLUB is coming to a town near you!


ANDYSMANCLUB, is a group where men aged 18 and above can speak openly about their mental health in a judgment-free, non-clinical environment.

Groups now operate nationwide and are completely volunteer-led, with the vast majority of group facilitators having first interacted with ANDYSMANCLUB when they came through the door as a service user.

With a service used on a weekly basis by over 3000 men, and an army of 900+ facilitators, the movement is always continuing to grow on a week-by-week basis.

Our Chosen Charity

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